Student Council

Teacher with Students

The Howard Elementary School Student Council is an organization which serves the school as well as the community.  We sponsor food drives, book drives, have helped needy families in times of need such as tornadoes, fires, etc.  We also sponsor school-wide activities such as an end of the year party, assemblies, purchasing of equipment and supplies which can be used by all of our teachers and students.  We also sponsor a School Store which sells school related items as well as some fun things. 

The Student Council is made up of four officers.  Any student who fills out an application form, attends meetings, and meets behavioral expectations from grades 2-4 is welcome! 

Upcoming Events

Friday, March 20 - Animal Print Day
Friday, April 3 - Camouflage Day
Friday, April 17 - Dress Like a Teacher Day
Friday, April 24- MS Walk
Monday, May 4 - LAST 26 DAY ACTIVITIES
Wednesday, June 3 - VIP Day


President: Julianna N.
Vice-President: Cindee M.
Secretary:  Emma Z.
Treasurer:  Noah M.


Veronica Voight

4th Grade Teacher

Suzanne Zimmerman