1st Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Nachtwey's Class

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Mrs. Nachtwey's class teaches us how to make an informational text book.

Informational Text Books

Written by: Oliver, Isaiah, Abigail

Typed by: Mrs. Gauthier

We are working on Informational Text Books in Mrs. Nachtwey's class. Here is how to make an informational book:

First, you have to think about what you want to write about. The kids in our class went to Pebble Go or thought of things to write about. Informational writing is NOT a fake story, it is a REAL story. Oliver decided to write about pigs, Isaiah wrote about monster trucks and Abigail wrote about herself. 

Next, you want to look up some facts about your topic. Mrs. Nachtwey gave us a paper that we could put our ideas on. There were lines and a big rectangle on the paper and all of the other pages were the same. We could make our book as big as we wanted.  First, we had to do the introduction. We usually start by saying, "I am going to teach you about...say what you are going to talk about." The next pages were about all different things and we could add as many facts as we could think of. We had to think a lot in our class. We had to think about what to say in our teaching book. Then, at the last page you put your ending. You usually say something like, "I hope you liked the book." If I was writing about lions, I could say, "Would you like more wild cat books?" Or, you could say, "Have you ever seen a monster truck, I have."

After you are done writing the informational text, you need pictures. You can take screenshots on Pebble Go or draw the pictures. To do a screenshot you have to push the power down button and the home button at the same time. Then once you have it, you go into photos and find the pictures. If you want to crop it, you press edit. You want a picture for every page.

When you are done with the pictures, you can use Book Creator. Book Creator is an app on our iPad. There is a Book Creator starter that can tell you a few tips. When you get into the app you click a new book. It will give you shapes and you can pick a book shape: portrait, square or landscape. Then you do the typing for your story. You press the little plus on the top of the page. Then, you look for the word, "Text." Press text and you can write the words. If you don't know how to spell a word, you can press the microphone and say the word and it will spell it for you. But, don't say ,"I"  because sometimes it will write, "Hi." If you press an arrow it makes it look like a real book.  There is a "read to me" and it will read the book. We tried to take pictures of our words but the app could not read it. You can color in Book Creator by pressing the plus sign that is above your writing. After you press the plus, then you look for the pen and press the pen and you can color, get emojis, and even pictures. You can color the pictures if you want to change the color on them. There are shapes, pictures and maps you can choose from. You can erase anything if you don't like it. You have to cite your source. We used sources like Pebble Go and Pic Collage.

When you finish your book in Book Creator, you go out of your book by pushing "all books" and there is a box with an arrow on the bottom of the page. There is actually something you can swipe down by the battery thing on your iPad.  You swipe until you see "Room 15 Mrs. Nachtwey" and then you have to type numbers that are on the big screen. After that, your ipad will show up on the big screen. Sometimes we can read it to the kids on the carpet if we conferenced with Mrs. Nachtwey. Then, Mrs. Nachtwey helped us put our stories on SeeSaw so our parents could see them. 

We hope you liked our story about making an informational text book. If you would like more information, you can ask Abigail.

Quiz Time:

True or False: Sometimes if you press the microphone and you say, "I" the computer will type, "hi."

Answer: I hope you said true.

True or False: If you put your book on SeeSaw will your parents be able to see it?

Answer: I hope you said true again. Did we trick you?

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