3rd Grade Spotlight: Miss Gardner's Class

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Miss Gardner's class grew lettuce in a tower garden.

Written By: Lucas, Jacxson, Maria, Chance

Typed By: Mrs. Gauthier

Tower Garden

At the beginning of the school year, there was this big tower in our room and we didn't know what it was. Ms. Gardner explained that it was a tower to grow lettuce. The tower is a white, Tower Garden.  It is almost as tall as a door and it is as wide as a yardstick. There are four lights that look like arms coming out of the top of the tower. They are very bright. If you go really close to them, you will need sunglasses. The tower has an automatic waterfall inside. you don't have to keep watering it, it will water itself. There are five white segments with four pods in each, for a total of 20 pods. These pods are used to grow anything. The bottom of the tower is a giant green water reservoir tank. There is a draining pipe that sucks out the extra water, so we don't overwater the plants. The whole tower is on wheels.

How did you set the Tower Garden up?

First, you put some seeds in the Rockwool cubes, which are like sponges. Then, you put the vermiculite seeds in the holes and add water while it is sitting in the container. After that, you put it by the sun, and when you start to see it sprout you put the Rockwool cubes into the Net Pots. Then the New Pots go into the Garden Tower pod holes. They will pop in. Add the pump to the reservoir at the bottom of the tower. Next, you have to open a rectangular compartment on the side bottom of the reservoir and fill it with water. It can't be any type of water. It has to be very clean water with barely any type of chemicals. Add the Tower Garden Mineral Blend to the water. Next, test the pH level. Finally, plug the Water Tower in. You will notice the lights automatically go on when it is dark. When we are in our class, the water goes up for five minutes, and then it stops for 45 minutes. It repeats this all day. It sounds like a little waterfall. It is calming and relaxing. We feel like we are in a spa. 

After about three weeks, we noticed our lettuce was sprouting. Then, we were able to cut it, eat it and it will regrow. It tasted amazing! We were so proud of ourselves! There were three different types of lettuce. It instantly started to regrow but we noticed that it wasn't as good in the second round. If you pull it out, you are pulling the roots out and it will not grow back. We learned so much!

The Tower Garden was a new thing for our class and we feel very special that we were able to use it!

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