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Aiden, Mikayla and Jameson tell us about how their class sets goals!

Written By: Aiden, Mikayla, Jameson

Do you set goals? Well, all of the students in Ms. Heimermann’s fourth grade class set goals every month. It’s good to set goals so you can try to accomplish them.  When you accomplish something, you feel proud of yourself and joyful. Goals help you focus on what you should be doing. They might help you do better in school, like help you do your work more fluently.  Goals are amazing!

Class Goals: 

You can set goals for a whole group.  We have written goals that will help us in all of our subjects. Right now our class goal is written around SEL and says, “We will be proactive and use self control. We will use our tools appropriately and at the right time. We will do this so that we can follow the group plan, be safe, respect our materials and avoid distractions.”  People had been fidgeting with dry erase markers and pencils and sometimes even throwing them.  At times, students were drawing and not paying attention when the teacher was talking. Everyone in our class agreed to this goal and wrote on a sticky note how they will work on the goal. Since we made this goal, we have noticed a very big improvement!

Individual Goals:

We all wrote a goal around “Be Proactive.” The goal has a start and end date to help us stay focused.  We took a picture of our goal and posted it in SeeSaw where our parents, teacher and ourselves can see it. We can look back at the goal whenever we need a reminder.  Continue reading to learn more about our goals:

Aiden: My “Begin with the end in mind” goal is to finish all of my work correctly in every subject.  I worked on this everyday.  I used to finish work most of the time correctly, but now I do it more and more.

Mikayla: My goal was to see problems and try to solve them.  I followed my goal by being on the lookout for problems. One thing that I did towards this goal was help remind other students when they were playing with their tools.  That could become a problem because it could distract other people. My solution was to remind others of our class goal.

Jameson: My “Be Proactive” goal was to keep a level 0 when the teacher was talking.  I did really well on this goal because now I remind myself and other people to do this.  Sometimes I catch myself and think about my goal.

We hope you enjoyed learning about goals and want to set some goals for yourself!



“Begin with the end in mind”- This is one of the 7 Habits of Happy Kids.  This means know what you want before you do it/ planning ahead.

“Be Proactive”- This is one of the 7 Habits of Happy Kids.  It means you are in charge of you.

SEL- Social Emotional Learning

Goal Chart


Goal Chart
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