Kindergarten Spotlight: Mrs. Gusick's Class

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Mrs. Gusick's class teaches us about opinion writing!

Opinion Writing

Authors:  Michael, Elyse, Charlie

Typed By: Mrs. Gauthier

We have been doing opinion writing in Mrs. Gusick's classroom. Opinion writing is writing where you write your opinion on something and you can fix a problem. We are writing about problems in our school that we are trying to solve. Also, sometimes we give tips to make sure you don't do the problem again. Your opinion is what you think about something. Everybody in our class wrote two different opinion writing pieces.

Some opinion writing topics we used in our class were;

  • Kids cutting in line at recess (Michael)
  • Kids running in the hallway (Elyse)
  • Kids breaking pencils in classrooms (Charlie)
  • Kids are not being honest
  • Kids using a voice volume 3 or higher in the school

We used OREO cookies to help organize our writing. We will teach you how to do opinion writing using OREOS so you can write your own story.  First, you think of the top of the oreo. This part is the opinion or the problem section.  On the first page you don't write anything EXCEPT what the problem was like, "In my opinion, kids need to walk in the hallway." The next part of the cookie is the cream in the middle of the OREO. For the cream part, you write the reasons pages.  So, on the next page, you write your reason why people should stop doing this. Then on the next page, you write another reason why people should stop doing this. You always have to write the word "because" in the reasons section. This is very important. The last page is like the bottom cookie on an OREO. On the last page, you write your opinion again and THEN you write a solution to fix it. For example, Michael's solution to help with cutting in line at recess was to have teachers make sure the students are in line order. Elyse's solution for running in the hallway was to make sure you watch your feet so you don't fall or run. Charlie's solution to kids breaking pencils was to not push too hard when you write with pencils on your paper. 

After you finish writing all of your pages, then you add some pictures on the top. Some people added labels or speech bubbles to their pictures. For example, Elyse added some speech bubbles. She wrote, "Unexpected Behavior" in a speech bubble by a teacher and there was a kid in the picture running in the hallway. The running was unexpected behavior so it made sense that the teacher was saying that. Michael's added a speech bubble, too. His speech bubble said,  "Hey, you budded!" in a picture with somebody going in front of him.  Some people put color on their pictures. But if they ran out of time they could just do it the next day.

If you write your own story make sure you don't forget a beginning, reasons, a solution, pictures, and labels. By the way, if you write the word "I" in your story, it is always an upper case "I."

True or False Quiz to see if you were paying attention. :)

"False" means not true and "True" means that it is correct. The answers are down at the bottom, but PLEASE don't peek at them to get the answers right away.

1. True or False: We are writing about problems in our school.

2. True or False: We wrote these stories in outer space.

3. True or False: The bottom cookie part of the OREO is like the reason part of the story.

4. True or False: Everybody wrote two opinion stories.


Answer Key:

1. True

2. False

3. False

4. True


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