Kindergarten Spotlight: Mrs. Steavpack's Class

Kindergarten students
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Mrs. Steavpack's class tells us about a fun coding project they did to learn about plants!

Story told by: Aurora, Max, Autumn

Typed by: Mrs. Gauthier

Scratch Junior

In Mrs. Steavpack's class, we learned about plants. We learned that plants are living things. The roots on the plants keep the plants standing up. Plants need water and soil. The water feeds the plants and the sun lets them stay warm. The wind makes the flowers spread their seeds and grow. The leaves on plants catch the water. 

Then, we took what we learned about plants into the Solutionist Studio to work on Scratch Jr. This is like an app where you program stuff. We never used it before so we were excited!

This is how you use Scratch Junior

1. You click on the Scratch Junior app. It looks like a cat and it is a cat.

2. Now you click on the button that says School. It is an apple.

3. Hit the plus to start a new project.

4. If you do not want to use the cat character you can hold the cat and press the "x." Then the cat will go away.

5. Now you have to hit the other plus to get a new character. It can be any character, even the cake! When we did this with plants, we had to pick a flower, a sun, a cloud, raindrops, and a tree.

6. You need to press the background button on the top of the page and pick a background. We had to pick a background that looked like a place a plant would grow.

7. Next, you need to program. Tap the character you want to program on the left side of the page. 

8. Click on the blue arrow.

9. You have to pick the directions you want. They tell the character to move right, move left, move up, duck, twirl right, twirl left, hop, or go back in place.

We programmed our sun first. Our program told the tree and the flowers to get bigger. 

10. Then, you can program other characters. We programmed the cloud after the sun. We programmed it to move 20 times to the right and that made it move across the sky. We also programmed it to make the flower and the tree bigger. The program sends an envelope message to the flower and the tree so they know they need to get bigger. We tell them when to stop growing.

11. Last, press the character button to make the program GO!

You did it!

We feel happy and proud about using Scratch Junior! We hope we get to use it again. You should try it, too! 

Scratch Jr. picture