Kindergarten Spotlight: Ms. Edlebeck's Class

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Ms. Edlebeck's class shares about a fun egg project!

Kindergarten Spotlight: Ms. Edlebeck's Class

Written By: Ryleigh, Liam and Avery

Typed By: Mrs. Gauthier

Egg Drop Creations

The students in Ms. Edlebeck's class made egg drops to see if an egg could survive. Our job was to make a creation that could hold the egg. We made this at home and we all used different materials. Avery used hard, black foam for the outside and soft foam to be gentle around the egg. The foam was from his dad's work. He used a special spray glue called Super 70 to keep the foam box together. Liam used cardboard, plastic air bags around the egg, part of an egg carton and something to wrap around the carton. Ryleigh used an egg holder with squishy yellow things. It was three layers that were all rubber banded together. The creations were all so different.

When we had our egg drop outside at school. It was supposed to rain, but it didn't. Mrs. Yang held the ladder and Ms. Edlebeck was at the top of the 8 foot ladder dropping the creations. She dropped them onto the concrete. Parents and grandparents could come to the Egg Drop to see if the eggs would survive. Some babies came, but dogs were not allowed. It was a Friday, so it was a great day!

Ms. Edlebeck dropped one at a time. Mrs. Steavpack handed them to Ms. Edlebeck. We were really quiet so Ms. Edlebeck didn't fall off the ladder and lose concentration. But, the grandparents could talk at level 2. Sometimes, we could hear a CRACK when the creation hit the ground. After Ms. Edlebeck dropped the creation, the student picked it up and held on to it until everyone was done. Then, we had to say goodbye to grandmas and grandpas and moms and dads.

When we got back to the classroom, we opened the egg creations one at a time. Ms. Edlebeck opened the creations to see if the egg was broken. About half of the eggs broke. Some of them survived! Ryleigh, Liam and Avery's eggs all survived! Avery thinks his egg survived because of the soft foam. Liam thinks his egg survived because of the bags of air protecting it. Ryleigh thinks her egg survived because of the yellow squishy stuff from her grandma and grandpa. 

If your egg survived, you got a yellow certificate that said, "My egg survived!" and if your egg cracked you got a pink certificate that said, "My egg did not survive the egg drop."

In the end, we felt like this was a really fun project. We liked it because we got to work with our family to make it. It was also super, dooper cool that our eggs survived. Some of our certificates are even on the fridge at home to remind us of this cool project.

Quiz Time:

True or False- Avery used yellow squishy stuff to protect his egg.  

Answer: False! He used black foam!


True or False- Grandmas, Grandpas, Moms and Dads came to watch the egg drop.

Answer: True


True or False: If your egg survived you would get a pink certificate.

Answer: False! You would get a yellow certificate.

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